Hydro Excavating
  • Daylighting: exposing gas, electrical, phone, and cable lines

  • Locates

  • Pole holes and piling holes

  • Test holes

  • Trenching

  • Directional drilling test holes

  • Gas service tie-in pits

  • Line fault repairs

  • Material removal from inside structures and buildings

  • Pipeline and utility crossings

  • Pole removals

  • Service repair pits

  • Visual confirmation of buried lines

Industrial Cleaning
  • Spill cleanups

  • Road and box culvert cleaning

  • Cattle guard cleaning

Temporary Containment

Fast and efficient to setup with little to no equipment.  Call for more info.​



Trident Vac, LLC. is a locally owned small business in Williston, ND specializing in non-destructive excavation.


When you need safe, non-destructive digging services, turn to Trident Vac for professional hydro excavating. Hyrdrovacs are safe and efficient, using high-powered vacuum and high-pressured water for removing dirt and soil. This method eliminates the risks often posed by traditional, mechanical excavating. Hydro excavating is ideal for digging around and in sensitive infrastructures.






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Williston, ND

Tel: 701-570-4280

Fax: 701-774-0689


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